Naturopathic Nutrition

During your initial consultation we will look at your health history and create a food and lifestyle plan to support you on your journey to better health. During subsequent sessions, a personalised prescription will be designed around your health, aimed at targeting your presenting physical, mental and emotional needs. This may involve addressing nutritional deficiencies through diet and occasional supplementation, herbs and Naturopathic techniques to promote detoxification. This will result in a happier healthier body and mind.


Through applying specific pressure to the feet, our body’s healing system is stimulated. Beneficial for helping, ease symptoms associated with various dis-eases, promote fertility and relaxation, and can be beneficial for pain management.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage uses tailor blended essential oils to suit your needs. A specific area or the whole body can be massaged. Beneficial for muscle and mental fatigue, relaxation and detoxification.

Indian Head Massage

Working over the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. This massage can help calm the mind and body, promote better sleep, concentration and release muscle tension.


Using a specific sequence of hand placements on or above the body, universal energy is guided to the individual being treated. A specific area or the whole body can be treated to promote healing.